About Megan

I moved to Cape Town in 2019 to marry a South African. My background is in Emergency Nursing. I have been unable to get registered as a nurse in South Africa and therefore I have entered the birth space through volunteering as a doula in public hospitals and also at home births. I am fascinated by the complex maternal system in South Africa and think this podcast is a way of telling the diverse stories of childbirth in this nation. I hope that it is a resource that women enjoy and find valuable in their birth journey's.

The South African Birth Stories Podcast is hosted by Megan Salvage and Julia Wurts. Megan is an Australian nurse with a passion for childbirth and inspiring stories. Julia is a pre-school teacher with a love for all things birth and babies.

About Julia

I live in Johannesburg and have grown up with a keen interest in pregnancy, birth and babies. I am an aspiring doula and hope to have an impact on the birth space in this country one day. I have noticed a real need for birth stories to be told in South Africa and I hope this podcast can reach as many women as possible.